These terms and conditions of service represent the agreement between you and GPSLive services offered by REM Trading LTD. - GB219306813, also known as Rewire Security.

General Terms of Usage: Rewire Security does not allow hidden GPS tracking. You cannot use our services to track a person or their vehicle without their consent. You cannot track an object without their owner permission; You cannot use GPSLive tracking services where such actions are illegal. It is only your responsibility to make sure that your use of GPSLive real-time tracking does not violate local or state laws. You cannot send automatic requests to GPSLive or try to mislead GPSLive authentication system, try to reverse engineer our software and be involved in such activities which would damage our systems. GPSLive accounts are non-transferable, and subscription funds are not refundable for active accounts.

Privacy Policy

We understand that you need to know how we are protecting your privacy. Our privacy policy is available below. By accepting the Terms of Service, you also agree with our privacy policy.


You agree to indemnify and hold GPSLive, its officers, and employees, harmless, including costs and attorneys fees, from any claim or demand made by any third party due to your use of the Service. You agree not to use, or to encourage or permit others to use the services to intentionally or unintentionally interfere with or disrupt the GPSLive services or violate any applicable laws related to the access to or use of the GPSLive services. You agree not to violate any requirements, procedures, policies, or regulations of networks connected to the Services, or engage in any activity prohibited by the Agreement. Violation of the Terms of Service.

Refund & Return Policy

GPSLive Software

If you are not 100% satisfied with any GPSLive software, apps, subscriptions or products, please contact us within seven days of your purchase to receive a refund. Your refund may be subject to a processing charge of either £25 or payment for the first month of service (calculated at the Monthly Subscription rate), whichever is less.

Refunds requested more than 7 days after your initial purchase date will not be issued unless the transaction was the result of a fraudulent purchase.

If you are issued a refund, it should appear on your credit card or PayPal statement within 72 hours upon us notifying you. After receiving your refund, you agree to uninstall and stop using any GPSLive software product(s) for which you no longer possess a valid license for. Your GPSLive account will be disabled, and subscription may be terminated. GPSLive reserves the right to disable server, account, product keys or serial numbers issued for the refunded products.

Changes to Terms of Service

GPSLive has a right to change this Agreement at any time for any reason and post it on GPSLive website without prior notification. If you use GPSLive service after a modified Agreement, it possesses an acceptance of the new Agreement.

GPSLive respects your privacy - all information that we gather is used exclusively for giving a reliable service to registered users. Especially: GPSLive does not market or otherwise reveal your information to third parties; Your information gathered within GPSLive is not used to target ads; GPSLive does not interrogate your location data without your authorization.

Regarding Information, We Collect

We collect the minimum of information, which is required only for GPS tracking. Such as Username, password, e-mail address and IMEI number of the tracking devices are used to authorize and identify our users. Our user's passwords are irreversibly encrypted before being stored in our database and encrypted with an SSL certificate. We do not gather simple text passwords; the E-mail address is only used for informing GPSLive users of our company changes in service and for resetting passwords; GPS location data which is sent by your GPS tracking device or your mobile device when you use GPSLive GPS tracking software. 

We pass on the following data: your GPS coordinates, latitude, longitude, speed, altitude, heading, current time, various sensor parameters. We do not pass on your phone contact lists or data stored on your mobile device.

Regarding Security

Your data which you provide to GPSLive is stored on secure servers. Our company has taken further actions to prevent unauthorized access to your data, including an SSL certificate, running firewall software and keeping our servers up-to-date with security patches. However, we cannot guarantee nondisclosure of personal information due to factors beyond our control. If you believe that your account has been hacked, please contact us as soon as possible.

Regarding Cookies

GPSLive uses cookies exclusively to identify the user during login process and for storing preferences. A "cookie" is a small text file that may be used to collect information about website activity. Some cookies and other technologies may recall personal information previously provided by a web user. Majority of our cookies expire as soon as you log out or close the browser window.

Regarding GPS Tracking History

Tracking history held on GPSLive servers will be maintained on the server only so long as the tracker is active/live/in use. Inactive trackers may be removed from GPSLive occasionally and entirely at the discretion of Rewire Security. It is solely the responsibility of the tracker user (customer) to save their tracking history using the file export facility on the history page of their mapping panel. Rewire Security has no liability under these terms for tracking history lost or deleted from GPSLive.

Service / GSM Network Availability

GPSLive reserves the right to carry out regular maintenance of its software, which may affect the availability of the Service. Rewire Security will use its reasonable endeavors to ensure that apart from scheduled maintenance, the panel is available for use at all other times.

GSM Availability depends on respective carriers depending on your location, GPSLive does not guarantee uninterrupted cellular service as the company does not have any control over GSM services provided by third parties.

Updates to this policy

GPSLive and Rewire Security products and services are offered by REM Trading LTD. We are committed to upholding the eight Data Protection Principles of good information handling practice. It is our company right to update this policy from time to time without prior notification.